How it Works

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How it Works?

This platform supports Singapore-owned businesses only. We have the right to remove any businesses misrepresenting their ownership status.
List your business instantly for FREE​

Get noticed and attract new customers

Customise your profile to your needs

Upload menus, photos, videos, virtual events and more​

Attract new customers

Drive new enquiries and sales for your business

Take control of your online sales

Cut out the middleman and hidden costs

Safe and secure optional
e-commerce functionality

At the low-cost rate of only 5% (bank and admin fees)


Your Account

It’s easy and it’s free to start your FairFoodie account. 

Click on the Login button and select Register 

Either select a username and password of your choice to register with an email account, or register using your Facebook account.

Be sure to go into your email account to confirm this is you. Click the link to confirm, and then you will be able to proceed to build your account.

Once you have confirmed your account, build your profile by clicking on the little chef avatar in the top right corner.


Congrats! You have a profile, which means you may now add business listings.


To Make a Perfect Listing

For a simple tool for editing and resizing images we recommend using Canva. Go to and create a free account.

To create the perfect sized images and logo for your profile click on Create a design > + Custom dimensions 

For Logo and Product images we recommend the following size for your listing: 600px X 600px.

And for any other image (Cover Image, Photo Gallery and others) we recommend: 1200px X 800px

Now in the Dashboard, in the bottom left corner click on Uploads, then upload all the images you want to setup for that size.

When resizing your logo file, make sure you leave some space around your logo borders, this way your logo edges will not get cropped in your Business Image Preview.

For Products, try to fill most of the area in the square, this will ensure they pop.

For any other image, just make sure they sit well-positioned within the frame.

Now after you have finished editing your image, make sure you save them to your device by Clicking on Download, then select File type JPG.

Now you are ready to create your amazing LISTING, EVENT and Catering/Chef .




Your Listing

This is where you can promote your business for free. It’s your chance to show off what’s great and unique about your business so put some time into making it look great. You can even display upcoming events and virtual experiences. 

Click Add Listing to begin.

You can now choose if you want a free listing, or a premium listing.

  • The free listing allows for 5 business listings. 
  • The premium listing allows for unlimited business listings, photos, videos, products PLUS a bonus promotional coupon code for you to use as you wish. 

Both options allow for online sales using our secure e-commerce platform powered by Stripe. This feature will attract a 5% transaction fee – this fee may be reduced for high volume vendors. The 5% fee is deducted automatically from the completion of each order. Compared with other food ordering services which charge 35% commission plus delivery fees, this is a very affordable and safe option. 

This is where you should display the best photos of your establishment and the tastiest looking food or drink items. Note – you will have a chance to add more images of your individual food/drink items at a later stage when you are uploading your menu. The site accepts JPG, PNG and GIF. Visit the Hot Tips section above if you need help resizing your images.

Do you want customers to pick up, drive up or await delivery at home? If offering delivery, choose whether it is local delivery only, or Australia-wide. Select all that apply.

This is your business name, tagline (optional) and logo.

This section enables you to show off what is so great about your business and products. Don’t be shy! If you have won industry awards, notable chefs on your team or unique menu items that make your business famous, here is your chance to let it be known. If your business is selling alcohol be sure to include your liquor licence number in this section.

List the days and hours that your business is operating.  

If your business offers two sessions during the day (e.g. where you are closed between lunch service and dinner service) you can click Add Hours to list the different session times.

Select all categories that apply to your business. Some popular categories also have sub-categories available in the drop-down arrow (eg Bakery & Sweets also features a sub-category Cake & Pastry). This will help your customers find you. If there isn’t a sub-category that meets your needs don’t worry, we are reviewing the listings frequently and will add suitable new sub categories where required as the need arises.

Select the tags that apply to your business or menu, such as vegan, gluten-free, organic. This will help your customers find you should they require particular dietary preferences.

Help your customers find you by adding your region and business address. Don’t worry about the Latitude and Longitude, they will be automatically generated by your address. 

This information will be displayed on your listing, so use your business contact details rather than any personal information that you wouldn’t want shared publicly. Add your business social accounts to allow customers to engage with your business.

To upload a video (or multiple videos for premium users) to your profile simply paste the URL of your video from YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo.

Add a cover image and link to your media channels if you have one. This could be your business Spotify, Youtube, Tik Tok or other.

In this section you have two choices:

  1. Simply display your product list and pricing:
    If you are simply displaying your products list and pricing, go ahead and enter the name, description and image for each menu item.
  2. Make your products available for online purchase using our secure e-commerce facility:

If you are ready to sell your products online, skip this section for now and come back to it later. Online sales attract a 5% surcharge.

Fair Foodie offers an optional online transactions via safe and secure e-commerce platform powered by Stripe. Use of the e-commerce platform attracts a 5% surcharge.

  • Go to the Products tab in your Dashboard.
  • Click Add new product in the top right corner. 
  • Give each product a unique name. 
  • Add your price for the product. If you wish to run a promotion or sale at any time you can set up a discounted price for particular dates. You can activate and cancel your discounted price at any time. 
  • Select category: product
  • Select the relevant product tags to show your customers if your product is dairy-free, vegan or other. 
  • Add a short description – the more descriptive you are the easier it will be for customers to find your products. For example, if you have a Vanilla Unicorn Cake be sure to use those words that will help people find your exact product. 
  • Select Create Product, or Create And Add New if you have multiple products to add. 

A new screen called Edit Product will now appear. This section enables you to have more control over your orders. You may choose to use this section if you are low on stock, or want to limit the amount of orders per day. It is optional and you can skip through this section if not required. 

  • If your product has a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), you can enter the SKU code here to allow you to track warehouse inventory. 
  • The Stock Status allows you to notify customers when you are out of stock or on backorder. If you have stock on hand you can ignore this function. 
  • The Stock quantity section allows you to set a limit for the amount of sales per product. For example if you only have 150 bottles of Wine to sell. The Low Stock Threshold will send you an alert once you hit the low stock volume entered here. 
  • Choose whether or not you wish to allow back orders
  • Other Options enables you to save your product as a draft or hide your products. Don’t touch this section if you are ready to have your products live on the website. 
  • The QR Code enables customers to track their online orders. You can enable an email to be sent to your customers to track their orders using a unique QR code. 
  • Return to your Listings Tab within the Dashboard. 
  • Scroll down the page to My Products. 
  • Search for each individual product and tick the box to attach it to your Listing. 
  • Now scroll down the page to Menu/Pricing. 
  • Each product now requires a product URL to be added to the Link To field.
    At this time it is recommended that you open a second tab in your web browser for quicker access to your product URLs. Click on this link to access your products
    In this second browser you have a quick view of all your products. Hover over the name of each product and click View. This button will open the product page. Copy the product URL from the browser address bar. 
  • Return to the first browser and paste the URL into the appropriate Link To field. 
  • Repeat the last two steps again for each menu item until all items have a URL attached. 

FairFoodie now offers an easy way for you to sell your products online. To add your products, follow these instructions below:

How to create a product

Go to Your Dashboard → Product → Add New product

You may now create a basic product listing for each of your products. There are several mandatory fields including product name, category, price. Once you have completed these fields select Create & add new to add your next product. 

Add more detail and variations (such as different sizes or flavours) to your product by selecting Create product to open the advanced product page. We recommend adding all your basic product listings before continuing onto the advanced option page. Find out How to Create a Variable Product in the instructions below.  

Adding Variable products means you can offer variations on a product with control over different sizes, prices, images, stock levels and more. They can be used for a product such as a Burger which you can offer with different toppings and extras.

Make sure you’ve added your basic product listing first. See the My Products instruction above. 

Now follow these next steps:

In your Product Dashboard go to your Products, then:

Add new product or Edit old product → enable variation → add attribute → create variation and save → edit and save (optional)

Below is the full detailed journey, step-by-step:

Create Variable Product

In your Product Dashboard go to your Products. Click the Edit button under your product name. 

In this stage, select which type of product you are willing to create. Here, we are creating a variable product. So, select Variable from the Product Type drop-down menu. Now, select Product from the product category and choose appropriate tags so that your customer can easily find your product from your store.

Enabling Variations

Now scroll down to the Attribute & Variation section from where you can manage different variations and attributes for your variable product.

Creating Attributes

You can create a new attribute by selecting Custom Attribute and click on the Add Attribute button. Now, provide the attribute Name (eg Size or type of Meat Patty) and their values (eg Large, Jumbo). You can create more values by entering ‘|’ character after providing a value. (hint: you will find this character on your keyboard above the Enter key).

Now, to create new variations of your product from the provided value, select Create variations from all attributes. You can also create single variables according to your requirements by selecting Add variation option. After choosing your option, click on the Go button and it will generate possible variations from your attributes automatically.

In the above example, creating variations from all attributes will allow for the burger to be ordered in beef, lamb and vegan patties, in either large or jumbo sizes. 

Whereas, if Add Variation is selected, you can choose which product comes in each size, for example the beef patty in jumbo, beef patty in large, and vegan patty in both large and jumbo. Alternatively, if most products come in all variables, it may be quicker to create variations from all attributes and then delete those that are not available. 

Editing and Saving Variations

From the screenshot below, you can see that FairFoodie has generated all the possible variations for your product. Now, you can edit generated variations according to your requirements. Press Save Variations when your list is completed. 

Now, click on the down arrow button of any of the variations that you want to edit. It will open description and SKU option for that variation.

Enter the price, dimensions and SKU for your variation. You can also include shipping class, tax class and variation description for this variation of your product. You can also remove any of the variations that you do not have available for this product. After you are done with editing the variables, you can save the variation by clicking on Save variations button.

Now, you can include any discount options for your product. Besides that, you can include other options. There are options including product status, visibility, purchase note and product reviews. After completing all of the steps, click on the Save Product button to create your variable product with FairFoodie Marketplace.

How are you able to add extra options?

With the Product Add-ons option you are able to add new options for your products, like different buns you offer, extra toppings or even remove some of the options in the product you are listing.

Create an Add-on option

Click on Add Field in Add-ons 

Then select between the Multiple-Choice, Checkbox and others. In this example we had selected Multiple Choice and Add Option for different buns we will offer for this product.

Remember to add a value for every option. You cannot enter $0.00. So you may choose to enter $0.01 as your lowest option cost.  

When you have finished remember to Save Product at the end of the page.

You can add as many Add-ons as you want to your products. Just remember to make it clear and simple for your customers. 

Add a Personal Note to your order

If you wish to offer a personal note for your products to be purchased as a gift, you can do this by following the next steps:

In the Add-Ons section, add a new Add-On, and choose between Short Text or Long Text, depending on how lengthy you wish your customer notes to allow. 

Now you may put restrictions or limitations here. You can add a title for the label, a short description, character limits and even add a cost for personalisation if you wish to do so. 

Don’t forget to press Save at the end.

With FairFoodie, you can add different shipping options for your products and select the geographical-areas that you wish to deliver to.

This is good for people who have over weight products and want to add extra shipping categories for heavy items, or for those wishing to limit the boundaries of their delivery services. 

Setup your delivery options

Go to Your Dashboard → Product → Settings → Shipping

Under Australia select Edit

Here we are able to select Zones limitations (States and Postcodes) 

But in this example I will only select my preferred Shipping Method’s by adding +Add Shipping Method.

After selecting your Shipping Method(s) you can specify the requirements for each of them.

  • Free Shipping, you can stipulate the  minimum order amount required to be able to qualify for Free Shipping.
  • Local Pickup, if you want to allow your customers to pickup or only pickup the product from your chosen location, you can make this option available and add any fees if they apply. 
  • Flat Rate, add your flat shipping rate. If you scroll down further you will see that you are able to add additional Shipping Class Costs for products that will cost you more for shipping, such as overweight or bulky items. Choose from pre-set options for Medium and Large and add a value for each.

After adding all your Shipping options, remember to Save Changes

Adding different Shipping to a Product

In the product option you are able to specify different Shipping and Tax for each product.

When you are adding or editing a product, go to Shipping and Tax section and select the Shipping Class you want to add that product to. If you require extra costs to ship this product you can select Medium or Large Item, and the value attached to this  shipping option will be added to that product automatically. If you don’t have any extra shipping costs, you can leave it as is, and the system will use the standard shipping class you had set in your Shipping Method.

After you are finished selecting your Shipping Option/Class remember to Save Product at the end of the page.

For you to be able to make online sales transactions from our platform, you will need to link your existing Stripe account or create a new one on our site. This will allow you to receive Credit Card Payments direct from your customers.

To set up this option, in your Product Dashboard go to Settings > Payment then Connect with Stripe

This will prompt the Stripe portal where you can login to your Stripe account (if you have one) or Create a new one. It’s easy, just follow the the steps and Create the account.

All done. Good luck, and let’s make some sales.